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Planning your Website

Planning Your Website

You have decided that you or your business is ready to have a website and before you begin, there are a number of questions you should ask yourself, and you should spend some time to properly plan and budget for your project.

You need to ask yourself the following.

• Why do you want a website?

• What is the purpose of your website?

• Who is your intended audience?

• What is your intended start date and how often will it require updating?

• What domain name do you want?

Why? Why are you considering a website. It may be to seek and interact with people with the same hobbies or interests as you, or it may be to develop a web presence for your small, medium or large business, either in the form of online advertising, or ecommerce.

What? What is the purpose of your website. It might be to educate, provide product information, entertain others. It may be a combination website offering many features. You may want to source other websites that appeal to you, and use them as a model for your own site. What domain name are you considering. There are online tools available for researching the availability of domain names. You can purchase a domain your self or have your web developer help.

When? Is there a projected date that you would like your website to be complete, functional and online. Also consider how often your website will need to be updated and whether you wish to be able to do these updates yourself, or if your website will require maintenance.

Where? Where is your target audience, is it local or international? Where will you want to host your website. Different hosting providers, provide services based on the individual requirements of your website so be sure to make informed decisions.

How? How will you create your website, will you have a designer work with you, will you tackle the job yourself? Either way, you should research the material first! Content is vital to the success of your website. Keep it fresh, interesting, informative and unique. If you need help with copy writing, there are professionals who can do this as an added service.

Once you have all of the information above gathered, develop your unique website plan. In this plan you can make further design decisions such as colours that will be used. Graphics you will want included,links you may wish to add, and other finer details. Once you have created your plan try to stick to it and your website will come together much cleaner and with less re-working than if you barge ahead without thought.

If your choice is to enlist the help of a website designer, all of the above information will be invaluable in helping them to understand your goals.

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