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The right software ....

From mini-ecommerce options to unlimitied possiblilites No need for ongoing monthly bills on self hosted websites where their big promises are "free websites"! You are in control, you purchasee the software best suited to your business.

Your choices are endless but we can help you wade through these choices as our experience has provided us with strong recommendations.

You choose your own shipping options, payment providers, display options, and we help however we can providing video tutorials and much more.

You can completey self administer your cart, or we are always happy to help with the maintenance of the cart by adding products, categories, helping to set up categories and payment providers.

We set up your initial options for you and provide you with a secure login as part of the initial cost of your website. You are set to go!!



WE now offer Responsive ecommerce solutions!!.

Thought you needed to redesign your website for every device and screen resolution? Think again. We offer several design options that are optimized for every possible layout and screen resolution. Whether your customers view your site from a tablet, smartphone desktop or laptop, your website displays perfectly – exactly as it should.

There are four types of mobile shoppers in showrooms and stores: exploiters, savvys, price sensitives and experience-seekers. How do people use their phones to decide whether to purchase products?

• The comparer browses products in brick-and-mortar stores while price-checking on their mobile device. They might buy in-store, using the online price as negotiation leverage. However, if the online offer is strong enough and the product is available, they will purchase on their phone there and then or when they get home later.

• The deal lover loves a bargain, and when they are in store, they’ll look for an online voucher, a Coupon deal or something to save them from buying full price. They differ from the comparer in that they want to believe they are getting a special deal, a limited offer or an exclusive promotion.

• The social shopper is constantly connected to a range of social channels, the social shopper follows celebrities, industry leaders and brands on Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest, seeking out the latest fashion trends, gadgets and the like.

• The time passer just needs to pass the time while waiting for someone or something. They are normally an impulse buyer, browsing stores they already know for the latest products. They might subscribe to news feeds or email lists.

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